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Deep scanning of your subconscious
Stimul Test
Unlike lie detector in addition to the hidden information S-Test also allows to reveal unconscious information (concealed in the depths of memory), often inaccessible to the consciousness by the test-taker themselves.
S-Test is a know-how, a modern system for scanning a person's subconscious that is capable of solving a wide range of problems related to questions of person's reliability and predictability, determining their true motives, predicting behaviour and assessing attitudes toward a particular act, phenomenon or person.
The difference and uniqueness of all existing methods is that the test-taker does not see which stimulus is responding. In this regard they cannot resist because the consciousness does not participate in the evaluation of the test-taker and therefore cannot mistake the wish for the reality to distort information about themselves.
S-Test is designed to automate the selection, evaluation, monitoring of staff: checking candidates and companies' employees, as well as making objective decisions about the suitability of a person to fulfill the goals and tasks assigned to them.
Where can it be applied
1.Employee investigation

After the commission of almost any unlawful act, the immediate task is to promptly identify the circle of suspects.

S-Test, unlike the polygraph, will allow to narrow the circle of suspects in the shortest possible time and determine the risk group.

In the course of investigations S-test also allows:

  • evaluate the reliability of the information reported
  • limit the number of suspects
  • determine the role distribution of accomplices in the incident
  • detail the circumstances, motives, inclinations of the tested persons
  • conduct a targeted in-depth examination of suspects

2.Family issues

  • Psychological climate in the family
  • Reasons for family conflicts
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking, adrenaline, gambling, etc.)
  • Borderline mental disorders (fears, complexes, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts)
  • Involvement in a potentially dangerous (negative) environment
  • Blackmail, threats, manipulation
  • Characteristics of family members:
    • negative emotions (hatred, anger, resentment, anger, aggression, longing, envy, revenge, etc.)
    • positive emotions (love, loyalty, kindness, joy, fun, etc.)


S-Test is designed to automate the selection, evaluation, monitoring of staff: checking candidates and employees of companies, as well as making objective decisions about the suitability of a person to fulfill the goals and tasks assigned to them.

4.HR sphere

  • staff recruitment
  • candidates evaluation
  • staff evaluation (identification of leaders (including informal ones)
  • employees' behaviour prediction
  • analysis of relationships in a team
  • staff motivation


Identification of threats is carried out at the stages of their planning, implementation and investigation by identifying participants, their motives, circumstances and facts of violations.

  • identify and classify problems of the test-taker
  • analyse test-taker' surrounding environment/life situation
  • establish a level of motivation for planning and performing actions
  • identify threats to business from employees at the planning stage
  • identify insiders and spies
  • carry out investigation of offenses
  • conduct screening - studies to identify threats from candidates and employees
  • continuously monitor potential threats from employees


The list of tasks that can be solved with the help of market research is very wide. They allow you to identify the motivations and behaviour of consumers, help to find ways to increase sales, develop an advertising concept.

S-Test allows to:

  • assess the behaviour and preferences of consumers
  • draw a portrait of a potential consumer
  • track changes in customer needs
  • create a model of an optimal set of product properties
  • create a unique corporate identity (product name, logo, trademark, brand name, brand colours, slogan)
  • determine the characteristics that are significant for consumers when choosing a brand
  • determine the level of satisfaction with the brand
  • determine the conformity of brand values to the consumers' values

7.Career Guidance

A distinctive feature of S-Tests is that they help to precisely identify true, subconscious professional predispositions, find their true vocation for the fullest realisation of their abilities, and not what is declared by the prestige, social status, expectations of loved ones, and fashionable trends.

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Working principle
S-Test's principle of the investigation method is based on the conjugate psychomotor reaction.

Initial data for the creation of tests are stimuli in the alphabetic and/or picture form, relating to any subject area or letter stimuli (words/phrases).

The structure of tests is formed in such a way as to reveal the unconscious (true) attitude, experience, desires, intentions of the respondent in terms of stimuli reflected meanings and/or images.

Pre-prepared test stimuli are automatically "masked" by the mathematical algorithm of the programme in the form of a random number of digits.

Stimuli are presented on the computer screen for a very short time (17-34 milliseconds). Such a time of presentation of stimuli, taking into account the peculiarities of human vision, does not allow the respondent to realise (see/read) them, but still provides an opportunity for a complete unconscious perception. Thus, the procedure for presenting stimuli excludes person's consciousness from the possibility of adjusting the results of the research in any way.

The subconscious of a person reliably estimates the cognitive/semantic significance/modality of the stimulus and reacts to it by changing physiological reactions (increasing or decreasing the speed of pressing the computer key). The change in the response rate is determined by the level of significance/modality of the stimulus, mediated by the respondent's life and situational experience, imprinted in their memory, as well as personal values, actual needs and motivation.

In the course of the investigation, with the accuracy of 1 millisecond, the speed of pressing the computer's key is recorded in response to each presentation of the stimulus. In this case, incentives are presented several times - in order to establish the degree of statistical reliability for each of them.

The results of the study are documented in the histograms and reports that reliably reflect the hierarchy of subjective modality/significance of the stimuli presented to the respondent.
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